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Taking Steps

It’s early Thursday morning, New Years Eve, 2009. I’m sitting outside in south Florida with a light, warm and humid breeze blowing. The sun will be rising in a little while and a new day will present itself, but for these few minutes I can reflect on the past 12 months and the steps we’ve taken in this journey we’re on. The steps have been many and varied.

There have been steps taken out of obedience and faith. The very first steps that we took were these. God had been prompting us for some time and we kept finding reasons (excuses) to continue on our own path until we could no longer ignore Him without being blatantly disobedient to what He was asking us to do.

There have been steps taken with excitement and steps taken with fear. The next steps that we took on this journey were a mixture of these two. At the beginning of most any journey there is excitement about what lies ahead and this was true for us but there was also fear, especially as we began to consider the cost of the journey and to realize that we don’t know exactly what lies ahead. The fear of giving up and the experience of loss when leaving behind the comfortable and known in exchange for the excitement and fear that’s encompassed in the unknown

There also have been steps taken with the anticipation and expectant excitement of what will come next. Many of the interim steps we’ve taken have been this type. We know what we’ve been asked to do, and yet we know that we don’t have all of what it takes to accomplish it so we look forward with the anticipation and expectant excitement of seeing how God will provide the answers. You have been one of those answers.

Through the steps that you have taken to connect with us you have provided wise counsel as we struggled to be obedient and faithful to do what He has asked us to do. Your willingness to walk alongside of us as we work through the unknowns of this journey and struggle through the loss of the familiar and comfortable has encouraged us, and your steps of prayerful and financial support provide us with an expectant excitement about what lies ahead.

In 16 days we’ll be taking another step, a big one, on our journey. On January 15 we board the plane that will launch us further into the realm of the unknown and we’ll begin to take a new series of steps that will require obedience and faith, that will include fear and excitement and will provide an opportunity for us to experience anticipation and expectant excitement for what He will do through us as we walk on this journey with you. As we are able to reflect on the past year we see God’s faithfulness and that provides us with confidence as we step into this new year.

Thank you for walking with us, and as you walk obediently and faithfully, and as you experience fear and excitement we pray that you too will experience the anticipation and the expectant excitement of seeing how God provides for and accomplishes through you what He has asked you to do.

Chet, Virginia, Amanda & ‘Bekah Quinn