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Daily life

OK, we are now pretty well settled into our apt. and getting into …well no routine because I don’t think that work exist in Cambodia;-)

I have survived and I think finally beat the ants in the war for our food. They are persistent little pest (and I do mean little, measuring only about 2mm). I would come into the kitchen daily to brush off or throw away food before spraying to kill them and starting the whole process over then next morning. But alas, the landlords son to our rescue with a new spray that has seemed to do the job. When telling our woes to other missionary friends that we’ve met we were told there are 3 levels of missionaries. If you throw out the food, you are new. If you remove the ant from your food/drink and continue eating then you’ve been here awhile. If you see it and just think ‘more protein and eat it anyway, you are lifer:)

Chet finally got his drivers license. Actually he does pretty well here. I know that doesn’t surprise anyone back home. Night time driving, however, we just don’t like! It is still the same chaotic driving but with 90% less light. And where did that pedestrian come from anyway?!? Our first night time driving experience came Wed night when we took Amanda & Bekah to youth group. It was hard enough finding the place to begin with because it isn’t marked, but picking them up…almost impossible. Yes we did get turned around and found ourselves by the Russian market, but that was God’s blessing to us because at least we knew where we were and could start all over.

We went to a Cambodian birthday party for Vicky (our Landlords granddaughter) Wed. night. She turned 19 and looked like a princess! It was way fancier then anything we would attend in the states. It was almost like we were at a wedding reception. Three tier cake with roses, satin covered chairs, 4-5 course catered meal (which they prepared in the courtyard and had to carry up 80 stairs to the party room), music, and plenty of alcohol (no we didn’t partake). It was really FUN. We were seated with Vicky’s friends from school so we were able to converse with people who also showed us the ropes of what we were to do, including how to eat with chop sticks:) The food really wasn’t bad (although I know there were things in there that we would not cook) but we have one by one paid the price of eating it if you get my drift:( Finally, when they sang happy birthday, they shot off gi-normous party poppers and foam. It was hilarious!! Good time had by all, but we really do need to get dressier clothes. We felt quite honored to be invited and hope and pray that we will be able to build life changing relationships with the landlord and his family.

We visited Daughters, where the girls and I will volunteer. I’m really impressed with what God is doing with that organization in only 3 years. They are set to open a gift shop and restaurant in March. Soon to follow will be a spa. The girls and I were pampered Friday so they could practice pedicures, manicures, and messages. I never mind being a guine pig for that sort of thing!! Visit their web site daughterscambodia.org

Chet begins teaching 2 days/week at the WBI this week. It is going to go a little slower than expected because the students are still learning Khamer typing and English. Pray for those poor students – they are getting a lot at once!

Chet actually preaches at the Good News church tomorrow. Something that I don’t think he was expecting to do (at least so soon) but will do fine.

Our language lessons began this week. We felt a bit overwhelmed/defeated after our first lesson. I am, however, soooooooo thankful for Sue who gave us a head start, it made the second lesson seem not as painful. It will require practice… lots of practice! But what did our parents teach us? Practice makes perfect?!

Do any of you remember the song “Burn Baby Burn” ? I can’t find the lyrics, but at least that part of the song plays in my head each time I climb the 60 stairs to our beautiful apt. I’m wondering how long it will take until my thighs are accustomed to it?

Karaoke bars surround us. I first pray for the girls that may be abused each night, then I close our windows and my ears to the singing that would not stand a chance against Simon Powell:)

Didn’t think I would Ever hear myself say this but….I MISS THE SNOW! We are still in the cool season. It has been in the upper 80’s – mid 90’s, but with the humidity (and we’re told it’s not humid) it feels like 105* Oh help me when the heat comes. The only good thing I can figure with Cambodian weather is that it cancels out menopause. I never know when I’m having a hot flash any more – it’s just a constant given;-l

A couple of things we have incorporated into our schedule have been family devotions after dinner (really enjoying that) and for our entertainment…mosquito tennis! Snap, crackle, pop!!

That’s all for now – till next time.



The Torch

As I was watching the Olympic torch (which has been in a 104 day relay) being carried into the opening ceremonies, I wondered about our own Christian relay and the torch of Christ that we are to carry…perpetually. The Olympic torch is lit before each celebration by the sun on Mt. Olympus in Greece. Our charge came from the Son on the Mt. of Olives. He told His disciples to rise and pray that they may not fall into temptation. In Corinthians we are told how to run the race well, to run with aim and not fall into temptation. And again in Eph we are told to pray at all times in the Spirit, being alert and with perseverance for all the saints. That’s right – our teammates! We are to pray for them that each time they open their mouth they may speak with boldness the mystery of the gospel. So my question for myself and you is “How well are we carrying the torch?”

I guess this thought has been on my mind since coming to Cambodia. There are so many times I’ve not been fervent in prayer, not recognizing warfare for what it is. My eyes have been opened to the facade of evil. As Eph 6:12 says “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, the powers, the world forces of this of wickedness in the heavenly places”. I need to be team player and pray constantly, not just for myself but for those we’ve come to work alongside. The church is in a slump…why? Well I know the root of it.

While part of this overwhelms me, I was reminded today of Josh 1:9 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” As I read this it occurred to me that He not only created the map but the road that we are on. He knows every detail of our journey intimately before we take even one step. We are where He needs us to be, armed with His strength and guided by His Spirit in all He ask of us. So I’m praying today that I not only will be a good teammate, supporting my co-workers for the kingdom in prayer, but that I would be an example for them to follow.

So I ask of you; please pray for us and for the Cambodian church so that the Kingdom of God can advance with power!

Serving Him,