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March 12, 2010 – Virginia’s reflections

“Some boast in chariots, and some in horses; But we will boast in the name of the LORD, our God” Ps 20:7

“Trust in the LORD forever, For in God the LORD we have an everlasting Rock” Is. 26:4

Siem Reap

Cambodia is truly a beautiful place. This last week we were able to enjoy a long weekend and travel to Siem Reap for some site seeing and R&R. We visited Angkor Wat (the largest temple) as well as several other smaller ones near by. IMG 1389 IMG 1449


IMG 1457 IMG 1490

IMG 1441

As I look back at the photos it is a little surreal to know I was there and honestly I know because of the heat that I missed a lot of the fine detail that make up these historic sites. Their intricate art work is especially beautiful and awe inspiring when you remember that they were built 900 years ago! But despite their beauty and symbol of great power past, they stand empty and I am reminded that there is a much greater Master Artist & the only One that we can place our eternal security in.

We also visited a floating village on Lake Tonle Sap which was quite interesting. This is a poorer people group who make their living by fishing and have an actual community on the water complete with the traveling vendors:) I was startled to suddenly have a soaking wet 7-8 yr old boy standing next to me selling coke. As I looked around I realized that his father had just pulled his boat next to ours and the boy had hopped aboard! IMG 5621

IMG 5580

The village also included a Catholic church, a school with 250 students enrolled (multi sessions per day to accommodate all the children) and a fish market where Chet, Amanda and I were brave enough to hold a Python.IMG 1547 IMG 1543

I have to admit that my pulse raised as it’s head wondered toward my body despite being told that it was not venomous.

Back in town we enjoyed some good ‘ol hamburgers from the wonderful Blue Pumpkin:o), shopped the markets (which were much nicer, cleaner and roomier than ones in PP) and cooled off in the pool. Amanda & Bekah tried their hand at making pottery which was a highlight for them IMG 5684 IMG 1582


and I was coaxed to try the fish foot massage. I didn’t last very long and don’t think I’ll be doing it again any time soon. My feet are way too ticklish!

IMG 5642



Other opportunities

This last Monday was ‘Womens Rights Day’ in Cambodia. Resie gathered the pastors’ wives together for fellowship in her home and I had the opportunity to speak to them from the Word. It went well but it is very difficult to get used to speaking thru a translator! At the end of the month Resie, Ma’am Graced and myself will travel to Kampong Cham to team teach a gathering of 70 women. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our hearts and minds as we prepare for this.

New Observation

I saw my first car being towed today. A log tied to the underside of each vehicle’s bumper was the “chain”.