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Give thanks with a grateful heat

For the first time (or at least that I paid attention to) I saw people sorting through the garbage dump. These people sort through the garbage to find what ever they can to clean and sell for food, to reuse for a many different purposes or maybe just for food themselves. I know that back home during garage sales we use the phrase “one mans junk is another mans treasure” but here it is “one man’s garbage is another man’s life!” . It really makes me ponder the wasteful and ungrateful mindset of so many of us. v


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  1. Thank you Virginia for reminding us of what we have and our responsibility to be wise stewards of all God entrusts to us. I remember being repulsed the first time I saw all the people picking through the mounds of garbage but to them it was and is as you said “life giving” work. …Now I must ask…how does God want this reminder to impact my life?…Thanks for sharing & blessings to all.

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