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About Cambodia

Here is some basic and brief information about the country of Cambodia.  This information, plus much more about Cambodia, can also be found at worldatlas.com and the CIA World Factbook.

Cambodia is geographically located in Southeast Asia.  This area may be familiar (particularly to those of the ‘Boomer’ generation) because of America’s involvement in events related to the Vietnam War.
AsiaCambodia is about 1/2 a day ahead of the Eastern US. Specifically, from the Eastern (US) Time Zone, when it is…

  • Daylight Savings Time (EDT/UTC -4) – Cambodia is +11hrs. (UTC +7)
  • Standard Time (EST/UTC -5) – Cambodia is +12hrs. (UTC +7)

Slightly smaller than Oklahoma in land area, Cambodia is bordered by Thailand (N-W), Laos (N), Vietnam (E-S) and the Gulf of Thailand (W-SW).  Phnom Penh, the capital,  is located at 11º 35′ N, 104º 55′ E which is about 800 miles north of the equator.  For comparison Lansing, MI the capital of MI, is at 42º 75′ N, which is about 3,000 miles north of the equator.

khcolorThe 3 largest cities in Cambodia are it’s captial, Phnom Penh (pop.  1.3 million), Battambang (pop. 193,000) and Siem Reap (pop. 148,000).  The total population of the country is currently estimated to be 14.4 million people.  Of that population 96% is Buddhist, 2% Muslim and 1.5% is other or unspecified.

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