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How Can You Participate?

We need/covet your prayer support as well as your financial support. For overall and specific prayer requests/needs click on the ‘.Prayer Support’ tab above.  To support this work and us financially please read the following…

Tax-deductible donations to support the work and us are made to and accepted through Compass Church in Byron Center MI. Compass Church is a church plant (daughter church) of Kentwood Community Church in Kentwood, MI and the W. MI District of the Wesleyan Church. We (Virginia and I) are accountable to both Compass Church and Kentwood Community Church for our work as missionaries to the Church in Cambodia and the Wesleyan Bible Institute. Both Compass Church and Kentwood Community Church are 501c3 corporations as recognized by the IRS.

If you would like  to contribute by check make the check payable to ‘Compass Church’, and address it to

Compass Church, PO Box 431, Byron Center MI 49315

Please be sure to make a note on the check indicating ‘the Quinn’s’ or ‘Cambodia missions’.  If you would like to contribute at a regular interval with an automatic deduction from an account of your choosing you can download an ACH Contribution Form by clicking the pdf.document icon to the left or this link  ACH Contribution Form.  The form needs to be completed and returned to Compass Church at the address here or on the form itself (the same address).

Thank you in advance for both your prayer and financial support!
Chet, Virginia and ‘Bekah


Here are some of the specifics related to the financial need…

Annual need (each year for 2 yrs) – $42,000
1st Month Needed = $12,400

1st month expenses includes one-time costs related to household setup and deposits (rent, utilities, furniture (living room, kitchen, dining area and 2 bedrooms, scooter) as well as the average monthly need

Subsequent Monthly need – $3,500


Here is a list of some of the practical needs that we will have as we set up a household in Phnom Penh.  This list is compiled with the help of a couple from Canada, working with the Christian Reformed Church, that we met when we attended church on Sunday afternoon at the International Christian Fellowship in Phnom Penh.  They had just moved to Phnom Penh in March (we were there in May) and she was kind enough to provide, for our budgeting purposes, a list of what they paid for items necessary to set up their own household.

Apartments are completely unfurnished.  This means something different in the US than it does in Cambodia.  In Cambodia unfurnished means no cabinets/cupboards at all and usually no closets.  We can expect to pay somewhere between $600-$800/month for rent plus utilities.  Foreigners (particularly Westerners) can expect to/will pay more for anything and everything.  Rent for a furnished apartment would begin at $1,000/month and go up from there.

Needs List

  • Refrigerator – $430
  • Stove w/Propane Cylinder – $385
  • Cupboards for the kitchen – $60
  • Cabinet for the kitchen – $90
  • Kitchen Utensils/Cookware/Dishes – $175
  • Water Cooler for bottled drinking water – $90 (you don’t drink the water even out of the faucet unless you’re going to boil it)
  • Washing Machine – $230 (they don’t use dryers they hang everything out to dry)
  • Beds w/sheets – $510 (total for 3 beds)
  • Dining Room Table w/6 chairs – $230
  • Sofa/Chairs w/cushions – $350
  • Desk – $90
  • Bookcase (2) – $170
  • Scooter for around town transportation – $2,000 (for out of town transportation we will use their public buses etc.)

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