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March 13, 2010


  • Easy move from our US home & into our Cambodian home thanks to friends on both sides of the globe
  • Settled in under budget allowing us to purchase a 1994 Toyota Corolla
  • God’s provision for our son Nathan, still in Grand Rapids
  • Adjustment to culture much better than anticipated
  • Feeling of safety
  • Formation of friendships in Cambodia


  • Comprehension of the language/lessons (this will be a constant!)
  • Relationship building with Landlord/family members & pastors/students we’ll be working with
  • Health as we encounter new foods and extreme heat
  • Discerning spirits and fertile hearts as we have the opportunity to share God’s truth
  • Those experiencing spiritual warfare in their ministry

Thanks for praising and praying with us!
Chet & Virginia

August 2009

As we prepare to serve please pray…

  • that all that we need to do and have done will be so by our January departure
  • that we would adjust well spiritually, physically and emotionally, to living in a new culture
  • that our minds would be able to absorb, comprehend and learn a new language (Khmer)
  • that those we do know and don’t yet know would sense an opportunity to participate in advancing God’s Kingdom with both prayer and financial support
  • for our partnership with the Wesleyan Bible Institute (WBI) as we work with them to install a computer lab for the students and faculty, and teach basic computer, word-processing and spreadsheet skills
  • for discernment/wisdom/sensitivity as we partner with and meet needs of the students at the WBI and the Pastor’s in the district
  • that we would be aware of and sensitive to opportunities to connect and build relationships with Cambodians that do not yet know Christ
  • for God’s provision and protection for our kids (Nathan and Amanda) remaining here in Grand Rapids
  • for our awareness and sensitivity to other opportunities to serve that we do not yet even know of

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  1. We are praying with you

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